Green Coffee

The green coffee is simply the seed of the coffee plant matures. The fruit of the coffee tree is bright red and envelops two green seeds. Those that we consume are black because they have been roasted, and this is where "green coffee" differs from "black coffee" from a nutritional point of view.


Roasting consists of exposing the seeds to heat , by direct fire . The seeds are burnt to release all their aroma , then buy green coffee beans ground for consumption. As green coffee is not roasted, it retains all the original virtues of the coffee tree .


In addition to the effect of caffeine , a stimulating substance, green coffee contains chlorogenic acids , which disappear during roasting. These organic compounds are excellent antioxidants . They therefore promote the protection of the body against free radicals , and delay cellular aging. Some studies have also highlighted their anxiolytic effect .


The coffee beans unroasted gaining in popularity from year to year, and particularly since 2006. That year, a Japanese team has indeed published in the journal  Annals of Internal Medicine study suggests that green coffee were virtues for overweight people .


This is of course not a miracle cure, but the chlorogenic acids it contains would decrease the absorption of sugars by the liver cells , and therefore the transformation of sugar into fat by the liver . These acids would also promote the use of sugars by muscle cells . By lowering the level of sugar in the blood, the effects of green coffee would be interesting for the treatment of type 2 diabetes .


Every year a specific substance becomes fashionable to lose weight. Those who cash with these supplements use well-known marketing techniques: present the product as something natural,  promise to burn fat in record time, or even get results without any effort. These conditions are met by green coffee , the last substance that is sold forweight loss.